Multiple computers

I have new laptop and tower using same email address, free eMclient installed on laptop, do I have to create a second client and get a second license for tower? Graeme

Yes, you do.

That seems to be impossible because the system will not allow me to create another account using an existing email address.

You have to use a second email address.

OK and thanks Jay. Apologies but one more question. If I buy the system can I then have the same email address on multiple computers?

If your question is can I access the same email address on multiple computers, the answer is yes.

I have same concern, don’t follow your answer Jay.   I have 3 email accounts.  I have two laptops: one for home use, the other I take on the road when I leave town.   I want to be able to access my 3 email accounts every day, to keep in touch with my contacts.  With Outlook or Gmail, when I am at home I use the 17" laptop, log into the app, log out.   Likewise, if I’m on the road, I bring the 15", log into the app, read my daily emails.  So now I’m trying emclient: I’ve set up on the home computer -  all 3 email accounts working just fine.   Now I want to replicate the same on the other computer.  It seems that requires an additional license?  Will it allow me to load up the same 3 email accounts I have established on the home computer? 

Hello Steve,

As you said, you need another licence for the second computer. After that, if you set those three email accounts, just keep in mind setting them as IMAP rather than POP3, the same emails will be accessible on both computers.