Multiple computers - synchronize with the SAME gmail account?

Asking about the feature, not licensing.  (Buying a two-unit license is doable.  No problems there.)

If I install eM Client Pro on my desktop and laptop , and configure them for the same gmail account, will I see identical content (eventually) on both?  

Right now I can work in eM Client or on and what happens on one shows up on the other seamlessly.  Yay.  I’m looking for the same kind of cloned capability after I install eM Client on another computer (with a legit, 2-machine license of course).

I’m curious if this works with the Free edition, but I’m inclined to get a 2-unit Pro license.

Hello Bob, yes if you setup the application on two of your computers you should be able to synchronize all the items between the two computers if you’re using the IMAP protocol (default with Gmail).

Using IMAP or any of the protocols that are used to synchronize your data, you synchronize all your items with the server and always download new available items, that way all your content should be identical as on the mail server.

Hope this helps.