Multiple Computers, 1 License?

I been looking for a program like eM client, but I’m not willing to buy 2 copies of the software for $100 just to have it on my desktop & laptop… Is there any current discount for buying two or do they allow 2 installations per serial number now?

Actually, when you purchase multiple licenses you get significant discount. Please visit this page: and use our Price calculator for Multi License.

I just checked the pricing and found 1) a discount of $10 per computer for more than one, so I’d still be paying $80, and 2) ! the lifetime upgrades are a separate price.  So for one license, it’s $100 to get lifetime permission to use it on one computer  and to get lifetime upgrades.

On the comparison page, it looks like the Pro license includes lifetime upgrades. In fact, two licenses with lifetime upgrades cost $165.

That’s too bad.

Hi Janet, I’m sorry our licensing system is not the ideal solution for you, but unfortunately we’re not planning making any changes to our licensing at the moment.

Hope you can manage to use the current setting.

Thank you for understanding,