Multiple Bugs

I’ve logged numerous bugs. eM rep advised me to post them all in a single post. I found some of these in earlier versions of eM, so they might be resolved now. Some of these may already have been reported. 

Bug: Don’t display red squiggles until i press the space bar. Otherwise, it

  • looks like a correctly-spelled word is misspelled. Once, i typed a word. Before i finished
    typing the word, it got the red squiggly underline (indicating misspelling).
    When i finished typing the word, and typed a space, the red squiggly did not go
    away, even tho the word was spelled correctly. When i then clicked on the word,
    or waiting a while, the red squiggly went away. Response is too slow.  

  • Bug: Problems with Find/Replace in Compose window:

    • after i do a global replace, i cannot find my cursor-- it’s not inside the message anymore.
    • If i select a character preceded by spaces, you preload the character but not the spaces, so then i have to manually type the spaces in the “Find what” box.
    • Even if i type characters into the ‘find what’ box, the Replace action ignores the spaces.
    • If i type spaces ONLY in the ‘find what’ box, the Replace buttons are not enabled.
    • When the Replace dialog box opens, the “Find what” box is not preselected, so i have to manually click it before i can start typing.
    • If the Replace dialog box is open, then i am prevented from activating the main eM windows.
  • Bug: If i paste several paragraphs from plain text notepad into an HTML message, they are treated as one single paragraph, instead of being treated as separate paragraphs. Therefor, i’m forced to manually type BACKSPACE, ENTER on each paragraph. This is important for bulleted paragraphs and other things. Treat plain-text paragraph breaks as new paragraphs. 

  • bug: Ctrl-Z inside new event description undoes ALL typing, not just the most recent keystroke. 

  • Bug: If i Modify a signature, and click the close-window “X”, you do not ask me if i want to save, so i lose my changes. 

  • Bug: When creating a new signature, if i insert an image and RESIZE the image, the resized image is NOT what gets sent-- the original size gets sent. 

  • Bug: In the signature editor, when i insert an image, eM resizes it. It should not. If i insert a tiny image (80 px wide), your signature editor enlarges it. It should not do that. Let ME decide how large my images should be. 

  • BUG: eM created Gmail folders on a non-gmail IMAP account:

  • Bug: When i snooze or dismiss a notification, the alarm keeps playing! It should stop when i snooze. I use a very long alarm, to force me to notice it, and it keeps playing after i snooze. Very annoying! It should stop playing when i snooze or dismiss.

  • Bug: New calendar event does not default to my main google calendar. It should. Why does it sometimes default to Facebook Events? 

  • Bug: Sometimes I get the “Select a default event folder.” Why is it lost? I should not keep getting that message. eM forgets. 

  • Bug: Calendar opens with “Hide Past” preselected, but past events are showing. “Older” and “Yesterday” are the PAST-- PLZ HIDE THEM! If i say “Hide Past”, please respect my request and do what you say you’re going to do. You say you’re going to “Hide Past”, so do that. I want to see TODAY at the top of the list, for my convenience, so my eyes can see instantly what’s happening today, without having to VISUALLY SEARCH for today. If i need to see yesterday, then i can unselect “Hide Past”. Work as advertised. Maddening!!

  • Bug: Advanced search should NOT affect quick search. I could not understand why my quick search gave no results, until i noticed that the Body parameter in advanced search caused quicksearch to ALSO sort by body. Quick search and Advanced search should be totally separate. 

  • Bug: I added the attached .ics file to my eM calendar. The event was at -5 (New York). But, I’m  in -8 (California). eM added the event as 2pm my time, but the event was really at 11am my time. I notice the .ics file has an empty GEO field-- is that why eM added the event at the wrong time?

  • Bug: There’s something wrong with your spellcheck. I checked this document, and correcting the error in the image with “Replace All”. But after sending the email, i discovered the error was still there. A broken spellchecker is absolutely unacceptable.

  • “Source” view is incomplete. This example shows an image added “as link”, but the Source view is missing the image-link:

  • Bug: If i copy formatted text + images from a sent email in Reading Pane, and paste into a new compose window, some text is lost from the beginning of the text. If i then start hitting backspace, the missing text begins to appear (missing some words and spaces):


  • BUG: In Compose, i pasted a very large base64 image. eM froze.
    … etc

  • BUG: If you click the trash bin on new-message popups, sometimes it causes eM window to the foreground, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s a bug:

  • BUG: Em client forgets email addresses added to the BCC field, if the compose window is closed and saved to Drafts.

  • BUG? I stopped an attachment download, and it remained on-screen until folder-syncs were done, or longer. Maybe the download blocked the syncs from finishing? Could not access interface for 2-3 minutes.

  • BUG: Don’t interrupt my typing a new message with your notifications!!! Your popups steal focus and i cannot type until i close the popup, or wait, or click inside the compose window. Very disruptive. 

  • BUG: The first time your notification popup appears, it switches my active window over to eM client. That disrupts my work. All subsequent times i get the popup, they do NOT activate the eM window. That’s inconsistent.

  • Bug: If i select “Show weekday hours”, then you should NOT show hours outside of workday hours, but you do. This is very annoying, because i want to see the whole day at-a-glance, without any scrolling:


Hi, thank you for your time spent on this, we’ll be looking into these and hopefully we’ll be able to remove these as soon as possible.
Thank you for your report and your input on this, we appreciate it.

Thank you,

Hi again, I went through the list of bugs you’ve reported, what version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

now using the latest version, 6.0.2031

some of these may be from an older version, but many are still bugs.

again reporting  ghost images. you need to stop blaming internet explorer for this. if necessary, stop using internet explorer.


Hi again, you can try updating your application on a newer version of eM client, some of the reported issues might be already resolved, I’ll be happy to see any other report from this new version. (

Also sorry about the inconvenience but the clipboard bug, is really an IE issue, unfortunately eM Client is currently based on .NET framework and thus some IE issues may affect eM Client…

Thank you for understanding,

Bug: If i Modify a signature, and click the close-window “X”, you do not ask me if i want to save, so i lose my changes. 

This is inconsistent with the Spell Checker, where you MUST click the X for changes to take effect. 

Spell checker should have an OK button.