multiple account display highlight

I have multiple email account. In the left pane, can you highlight (either Bold, coloured, or underlined) the account name so that I can easily to spot on the account I want to view. Now all the list tree items are the same. not easy to click around.

Hi, I believe the account names in the left sidebar are currently in bold text already, however due to the current font it may not be as noticeable.
We’re currently working on a future design upgrade for the application, you can check out the preview on our facebook page.

Hope the redesign will solve the issue, or you can try to use one of our themes, however the list usually looks really similar.

Thank you,

thanks for the info. Still can not see any changes to the email account hightligh in your face book, but Looking forward to your next release.

ALSO  will it be possible to make the search box more proactive. When I type in each letter, it will narrow the email list, rather than clicking the search button after finish whole word typing. that function should be handy

Hi again, you’re right, the font stays the same, but just as I noted above even the current setup already contains a bold text formatting for accounts in the left sidebar.
Thank you for the search improvement suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client, however I’m afraid this setup may result in slower search speeds.

Thank you,

That will be very handy…