Multi-user privacy?

I’m setting up a new pc for a friend and her daughter. I would like to have an email client that will maintain privacy for each user. Each user will login separately - does eM Client provide a unique and private email session/program for each user? Also, I would like to have compatibility with Open Office Suite. They would prefer not to be tied to Windows Office. Thanks, CDL Sr

Just realized it may not hurt to add: The OS is Windows 7, 64bit; this is their initial entry into the email world so no prior email programs are particularly pertinent, except that I have just initially set up Pegasus mail for them but it does not appear to provide adequate separation/privacy. CDL Sr

eM Client stores settings and downloaded emails for every Windows user separately. So if you create separate Windows account for every person you want to have a privacy (e.g.friend and daughter), eM Client will maintain it as you requested. They will run the application from their own account.

Regarding compatibility with Office suites eM Client will cooperate with every program that can use SMAPI (Simple Messaging Application Programming Interface). uses it so you can send e.g. written text to eM Client through menu (in OO) File->Send. It will send the text to default email application so set eM Client as the default one.


Thanks for the quick response, Gabrial; take care.