Multi Calender Sync

I have the following Problem.  My wife and I have both a Google Calendar in order to synchronize our Android Calendars. When I Input a Meeting in eM Client I can see it in eM Client as well as on the Google Calendar and on my phone. In this case my wife cannot see the Meeting I entered. Now if i Change the Folder to my wifes gmail address, I can see my calender Meeting for a very short time in eM, before it disapears again. In this case my wife can see the Input I made.    How can I arrange to make 1 Meeting in eM Client which is then displayed on my eM Client calender, my Google Calender (+ phone) as well in my wife’s Google calendr?
Hope you understand what I mean.

Hello Joe,
this is not very clear - are both of your mail accounts set up in one eM Client installation?
Are your calendars separate or do you have a shared calendar?
When you create an event, do you invite yur wife to it?