MS Teams Setup Problem

Hi there,

I´m trying to setup online meetings with Microsoft Teams in em client.
Following the instructions (settings, online meetings, Teams, log in to Microsoft, give permissions) I get the following error message in em client:

“MS Teams did not indicate any supported meeting provider on the account. Account will be removed.”

Any idea?

It means that the Microsoft server is not able to connect a Teams or Skype account for that address. Without that, eM Client can’t setup the Online Meeting account, so it is removed.

The Microsoft server normally assigns Teams accounts to business account users, and Skype accounts to personal account users, so it depends on the type of MS account you have. But there may be an issue with the account, so you will need to contact Microsoft for assistance.

viernes 21 abril 2023 :: 0809hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @wu540606

This could be part or all of the problem - follow the link: TEAMS ISSUE

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