MS Office 2016 uses eM Client even though Windows defualt is set to Outlook

I use Outlook for work email and eMClient for personal, on the same work computer. I frequently send Word and Excel docs by email and before installing eM the correct Outlook client was selected by the Office apps. Since installing eM the Office apps use it instead of Outlook. I have Outlook set as the default client in Windows but office still chooses eM Client. How can I fix this?

Windows 10 Pro, version 1803
eM Client Version 7.1.33101.0

This means that MS Outlook is not set as the default email client for all protocols. In Windows settings, default apps, at the bottom of that page there is the option to set defaults by app. Use that and select the defaults you want MS Outlook to manage. 

If you are still not able to get MS Outlook working, and Microsoft Support is of no use, you can open a support ticket with eM Client, and I am sure they will be able to help you configure MS Outlook. :wink: