MS Exchange - subfolders are not synchronized

Hello all,

I’m setting up a MS Exchange account and have faced the following issue:

  • I’ve a lot of Inbox subfolders.
  • When I receive an email that normally should be put there there is no notification (no numbers update, no pop-up).
  • The same if I click receive/send all.
  • It works only if I manually open a subfolder (then the counter is increased), which is not very convenient.
  • Logs show that the subfolder synchronization starts only if the subfolder is manually clicked.
  • On the other hand it works fine with Inbox folder.

It works fine in Outlook, so should you have any idea to solve the issue it’ll be highly appreciated.


P.S I’ve tried both manual MS Exchange account set up and export settings from Outlook app. The result is the same.

As far as I know this is normal behavior with sub-folders in eM Client Exchange accounts.

Is this still default behaviour?
It seems a bit daft as it breaks all functionality for highly organised users that keep their mailboxes clean through the use of multiple rules at an Exchange level.
In my case I have hundreds of subfolders, with dozens of rules being applied at O365 level for them, so I never get a notification of a new email by EMClient when an email is sent to one of those folders automatically.
This does not happen on Outlook or Thunderbird for example.
I really like EMClient, but this is one to the main things that’s preventing me from moving completely to it and buy a full license.

Yes, this is still the same behavior in 8.1. Messages that are moved by server-side filters do not give new mail notifications in eM Client. It is frustrating. ;-(