moving to move computer

OK - trying to keep it simple here - moving to new computer, I back up emclient (I’m using an external drive), I can then install em client on new computer and all I need to do is then “restore” from backup files from external drive to new computer?  I will be buying another license to install on new machine since I will be using both machines for a bit.  However, I want all old emails etc. on new machine.  Will buying a new license on new machine mess it up when I restore it?     

Hi, no buying another license won’t change a thing on the organization of your database.
If you backup your database and move it to your new computer, you should see the exact same content as on the previous computer.

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I just bought a new pc, and want to transfer my emclient, too. If I do the backup/restore you mention, will everything still sync with Google contacts and calendar like it does now?  Right now I use my Android Samsung note 4, and if I change anything in contacts or calendar on my android, my Google account, or emclient, it updates the other two.  In other words, I can enter something on my Note 4, and it shows up in emclient and vice versa. Same thing with Google contacts or calendar. If I make a change, it automatically syncs with emclient and my phone. Will this still work or do I have to make any other settings when I do the restore?  Thanks!

Yes, moving your database through backup will keep your application settings including your account settings that will allow you to synchronize with all your other devices. If you’re using IMAP or any other sync service with the server, you should also be able to setup the account from scratch on the new instance of eM Client and synchronize the account with the server in few minutes.

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Okay, I was able to get it going on the new computer, but for some reason my profile won’t let me add my Comcast email address. It says it is already taken. I had initially registered with my Comcast email, I think.  It keeps defaulting to my gmail address. How do I let the profile know that both emails are mine?

Hello Jean, not completely sure what you’re referring to, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? What do you mean taken, are you trying to register another license with us or a second email address?


It was so long ago that I registered, that I don’t know if I used my gmail or Comcast email account. On my profile, it lists my gmail account. I tried to add my Comcast account, but it says there is already an account with that email.  The only reason I wanted to add Comcast is because that is my primary email and I almost never check gmail. I do have my gmail forwarded to Comcast, so that’s the only reason I got your email. It would be good to just have it go directly to Comcast, though, instead of having to forward it.  If I can’t, that’s okay. I only have the one account with emClient. Thanks!