Moving the DELETE button in email

Hi, This may be answered somewhere, but I could not locate it.
Is it possible to move the “function buttons?” on the taskbar…i.e. I would like for my delete button to be at the far right when in email so that I can click on it in my sleep so to speak when I am surfing thru emails and “killing” the junk ones.
If this is possible. would someone please explain to me the steps that I need to take to make it so.
Thanks for anyone’s time who is able to assist.

I think there have been recent threads where the staff said the eM Client toolbars are not user-configurable. But when I took a quick look back through the topic list, I didn’t see one right away.

Anyway, I am pretty sure you can’t move the buttons around. (The staff will correct me if I’m wrong . . .)

I also think end users can not customize the toolbars them selves now.

But there is another thread in this forum asking to add the possibility to customize the toolbars by end users.

Hi, toolbar is not customizable and it is not planned in close future,