Moving new messages to Smart folders

I want SOME of my incoming messages to be transferred to Smart Folders that are already set up (by me).  I can move Sent messages to the Smart folders with no problem and no rules set up.)  But can’t get incoming message to move to my smart folders???  Previously used another program and transferred my smart folders to this program when it was set up.  HELP

Smart Folders are really just display filters, so the messages are not actually transferred to the folders, but remain in their original folders. The default Smart Folders include All Inboxes , which shows messages in all your account Inboxes.

If that folder is not visible, right-click on Smart Folders and make sure it is ticked.

You can also add your own Search Folders to this list using the New Search Folder option. In the above example I added an eM Client smart folder to display all messages coming from this forum.