moving messages

moving messages - works erratically, st I can move a block of msgs to another folder - select  and drag works but not all the time and the folder window gets obscured - easier in Outlook…
The only way to move a msg between accounts is to resend it?

If you are moving messages between IMAP/Exchange accounts there is quite a bit involved. First the messages have to be download, because by default eM Client is only downloading the headers. Then the messages need to moved to the other server and uploaded. It can take some time to complete the syncs.

If you are on a slower computer, with a large database and conversations enabled, it is going to be a bit slow. Maybe try disabling conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) and see if that helps any. Otherwise move the messages in smaller batches. You can also try right-click on the selected messages and choose Move to folder.

Re-sending messages is not going to move them to another folder. If you resend a message from account A, it is still going to be in the Sent folder for account A. The only way to do it is moving it from account A Sent folder to account B Sent folder.