Moving mail from POP3 Inbox to Local Folder deletes from host

I have a account configured for POP3 talking to a commercial mail host (Nethosted).
Send and receive working perfectly.

Within emClient, if I drag an email from the InBox of the POP3 account to a Local Folder, the move happens as expected. The email is visible in the Local Folder and no longer in the InBox.

The problem is that some minutes later, it is being deleted from my mail host. That doesn’t seem right.

The POP3 account is configured:
Leave a copy of messages on server [Ticked]
Remove from server after x days [Unticked]
Remove from server when deleted from “Deleted” folder [Ticked]

Why is mail being deleted when it is simply moved out of the InBox? That would make sense for IMAP, but not for POP3?

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My daughter had the same issue - you need to Untick above

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Interesting! That confirms there is a bug in emClient.

If I move an item to “Deleted” it stays there either (a) until it is deleted from “Deleted”, or (b) it stays forever if that box is Unticked.
But moving an item to a Local Folder causes emClient to delete it from the server immediately (after a few minutes).

Thanks for the work-around.

I’ll go and report the bug.

This is expected behavior. You have removed the message from the POP3 account store in eM Client, so as far as the server is concerned, it has been expunged, and it will remove it there as well.

You will need to untick the option @skybat mentioned, so the server doesn’t delete it.

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Hi @Gary
Thanks for your response. Your argument would hold perfectly for an IMAP account, where we expect a move or deletion on the client to be mirrored to the server.

On POP3, I do not expect the client to delete from the server if Leave-on-server is ticked, apart from the special case of when deleting from “Deleted” folder.

You seem to be saying the client will delete from the server when a mail is deleted for ANY folder, not only the ‘Deleted’ folder.
That can’t be correct for POP3 and is not the way e.g. Outlook works.

Just look at the wording of the setting: Remove from server when deleted from “Deleted” folder
The key word there is “Deleted” folder. Not “Inbox” folder, or any folder, just specifically the “Deleted” folder.