Moving imap folders and syncing

Can someone tell me what happens if I move an already synced email folder from one place to another (using gmail). Or moving all the synced emails from one gmail tag to another. Does it resync all of those emails in full?

I just did that a few days ago, reorganizing and moving some folders in eM and it seems to have sync’ed to gmail just fine.

Does it actually re-download all of the emails in the folder. Have some VERY big folders to move.

I’m not sure, I think it might. Mine were fairly small.

If you move them locally, it will re-upload all the messages on the server to the correct folder/label.

George I have done this but the new folders are not syncing back to the server

Hello Trend,
what version of eM Client are you currently running? (Full number in Help>About section)
What account does this happen on?
Is there any error message in Tools>Operations>Error window?