Moving from old Win7 PC with Windows Live Mail to new Win 10 PC with eM Client. Help please..

Is there a step by step process I can follow to copy my messages and contacts from the old machine to the new. They are both on the same network switch and I have Splashtop for Business on them too.

My win 7 machine offers export to Windows Exchange with an error message and Windows Live Mail which seemed to work OK.

I pulled the export directory onto my new PC desktop.

eM Client is only offering me eM Client 6, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Thunderbird and the Bat but no Windows Live Mail and I can’t do the import.

Is there someone that could help me. 

Thank you in anticipation.

See if this link helps

There is no import option from WLM if the application is not installed on the computer.

One way to do this is to install eM Client on the old computer, and do the import. Then backup eM Client and copy the backup zipped file over to the new computer, where you will do a restore.

Another option is if your data in WLM is synced with a server. Then simply adding the same account on the new PC in eM Client, will sync that data.

Followed instructions - did not work, scan showed corrupted database

Do you know how it detects that Windows Live Mail is installed? I’m trying copying the WLM binaries and registry settings from my old PC but there are a lot of registry settings.

You need to install WLM for it to work.

Never mind, I gave up and temporarily installed Windows Essentials 2012 from Managed to import emails and account setting but not message move rules. Close enough.

So far eM Client is looking like a great email client. Very happy.

Glad you are happy. Unfortunately Rules/filters do not import from any client. That is something you will need to recreate.