Moving Free License to another computer

I have an existing free license on 1 computer and I am replacing that computer with a new one. How can I move the free license to the new computer together with it’s data and remove the free license off the old computer

Please see: How to move my data to a new computer?

Neither of the options offered in the link appear to work? The backup/restore option doesn’t work because the backup is compressed (zipped) and new version doesn’t recognise the folder containing the actual backup data!
The second doesn’t work either because a new install isn’t looking for the copied data in/on the original path as suggested!

Make sure you copy the zip file to \Documents\eM Client\ on the new device. Then start eM Client and go to Menu > File > Restore. It will automatically recognize the backup zip. If there are more than one in that folder, you will have a choice of which to use.