Moving folders, messages gone

I recently moved several folders under another folder as I reorganized. Most of the folders no longer show any messages. If I look at Gmail in a browser, the messages are there. If I use a different client, like Mailbird, the messages are there. What can I do to fix this in eM Client?

Something you could try is to repair the folders.

Right-click on the account folder and choose Properties > Repair.

A more drastic procedure would be to remove the account and then add it again.

I encountered the same phenomenon. What I found is that the email folder I moved from my mail account set of folders to my Local Folders was re-created as a subfolder under the Local folder of the same name. So moving folder “Email Acct” to Local Folders created a local folder “Email Acct” with a subfolder “Email Acct”, and the email messages that were in the original folder were moved to that local “Email Acct” subfolder, not to the local “Email Acct” folder.
Just to avoid the unnecessary multiple folder hierarchy, I moved the messages from the subfolder to the folder “above” it and deleted the subfolder.
I hope that helps / makes sense.

I ended up removing my account and then recreating it, and that worked. David, I’ll keep your reponse on file for the future. Thanks.