Moving folders made the messages disappear


When i was using the Move To option on a mail box between two IMAP accounts, the client returned me that the action was done and no error was shown, but all the messages had disappeared from both server, what happened?

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Maybe eM Client just hasn’t synchronized the folder yet where you moved the messages too. Click the Refresh button at the top left a few times. Failing that, close and reopen eM Client which usually forces synchronizing of IMAP folders etc.

If you still cannot see the messages, go to your webmail in the IMAP account where you moved the messages to and see if they are there. Or check in your webmail of your source IMAP account to see if its still in the original location.

Some IMAP accounts have a eg: “All Mail” folder like Gmail where all messages / emails are actually located. So if something goes wrong with a copy of move you can drag or move them again to the new folder / label location from All Mail. So you might have a similar All Mail folder in your IMAP account if you still cannot find them via your Webmail.

Lastly check that you have the latest version of eM Client in case there was an eg: Move to folder issue in your current eM Client version. You can d/l all the release versions from the following page.

Note:- If you do have an older version of eM Client, before installing any new version, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase you have to restore to your previous version for any reason.

But unfortnally no, both are cPanel servers, and on both Roundcube and Horde there`s no “All Mail” folder, just Inbox, Outbox and there goes with all basic folders, there’s only the newly received on the destiny server, and for my dispair, no messages on the older server Inbox folder, it’s literally empty, and there were several real important mails, and yes, the eM Client was and is in it’s latest version.