Moving filtered items in V9.2

EDIT: Nevermind. What has changed since version 8 is the “tag” field in a filtered list. When a filter includes subfolders, it now shows “None” rather than the subfolder the item is actually in. The other thing that has changed (I think) is that drag-and-drop between folders now copies the items rather than moves them. On both of these points, I prefer the old behavior.

In eM Client 8.x, I could filter a folder and then move (or copy) emails matching the filter criteria to another folder. Often, I did this in order to move emails to a subfolder of the folder they were in. This no longer works in version 9.2. Moving and copying still work when the list is not filtered, but do nothing when the list is filtered.

I rely heavily on the version 8.x behavior.

(1) Is there a setting I can use to restore the version 8.x behavior?

(2) Can I safely downgrade to version 8? Or would that introduce problems with configuration settings or other data?

Thanks in advance.