Moving emails to local or another GMail account

Dear friends,

I’m testing eM Client and I’m facing a problem.

Everytime I try to move emails to a local or GMail Account I got my eM Client screen blocked with a message that tells me “The operation can be long…”, but it seens to be too much long cos I started a transfer of ~350 emails in the morning and after one long day the screen remains there.

Why there ́s no button to cancel this operation or it not runs in a thread?

The only way to stop this is closing it in Windows’ Application Manager.

Please help me.

Hi Antonio, unfortunately the current setup need the action to finish before you can return back to the original view, however if the application’s taking too long can you please download this utility: and run the tool when the message is displayed for too long?

In case you’re moving a large number of emails that may have not been fully completed into your eM Client, the operation has to download these emails from the server and save them into your database, this if course may take some time in case the emails contain images and in case you have a large number of emails to move.

The tool will generate an em client stack dump file, can you please send me this file to with a reference link to this forum topic?