moving emails form inbox to folders does not save those emails locally on my laptop?

I’m moving from Live mail over to eM. In Live Mail I created folders where I move my most important emails from the inbox to those folders.  In eM when I click on a email in the inbox and drag it over to a folder, it moves the email to the folder (in eM), but when I look in that folder on my laptop I see the original emails that was moved there via Live mail but not the email  that was move while in eM?  I do this to ensure that I have a good backup of my emails. Any help would be appreciated.
RonO    Using latest dowloaded free version.

HI Ron.

Which email provider are you using?

Are Windows Live Mail and eM Client both setup as IMAP?

Time Warner/Spectrum is my provider.  In Live Mail, incoming server is set to POP, eM is set to IMAP.  I also noticed that when using my provider web site, I noticed that all my folder are also on their server.  I don’t get on my provider’s server very often (because it slow) and I’m not sure if the folder have been always there.
Thanks RonO

Because eM Client is setup as IMAP, any folders you create will be duplicated on the server. WLM is not setup as IMAP so it does not see the folders.

If you want them to be the same, then they both need to be setup as IMAP.

That would explain the folders, but why wouldn’t it save a copy in that folder on my laptop? In Live Mail when I copied a email from the inbox to a folder it would physically created a “*.eml” file in that folder on my hard drive.
Does eM create email file  or is everything stored in a databases ?  Confused…

Yes, eM Client stores all emails in a database.

Thanks Gary for the info.