Moving email from unread no longer changes lable but addes new one

I am new to Em Client and so far it is the best email client I have used. Seeing as I am new I am not sure if this is a new issue or something I am just now noticing. When I am looking at my unread emails and I move one to say another label instead of changing the current label to the new one it adds a new label.

For example if I get an email from Amazon telling me about my recent order and the email currently has Inbox label. If I drag that email to Orders folder it now has both Inbox and Orders label instead of changing the inbox label to order label.

Is this expected behavior? Is there a setting to change the behavior? I still not sure why anyone would want more than one label for an email.

I am using Gmail IMAP setup.

I think this is expected behavior on gmail because they don’t use folders per se. They use labels (aka tags) as a sort of pseudo folder.

In order to categorize an item in more than one way. For example, an email from Amazon about my new motherboard could be categorized (labeled, tagged) as an Order and as Computer.

Thanks for the response and the example of the multiple labels. Having more than one label seems like it would be the exception to the rule not the norm. For this reason it would make more sense to have the default behavior to change the label and if you want more than one you could set it.

In short though is there a way to change the default behavior? in my test it only seems to have this behavior when moving an email from a search or a folder like unread. If I move it from the Inbox it works the way I would want it too.

I don’t think there’s a way to change this behavior, but then again, even though I have Gmail setup in EMC, it’s my most unused email account. Mostly I just get notices from google about search console and other administrative stuff. I’m sure there’s others on this forum who use Gmail more than me, and might be able to offer some other tips.

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Yes this is normal as is the nature of Gmail labels when dragging to a label as @Victor.David says.

However if you either “Right click on the email” and click “Move to Folder” or click “Move to Folder” on the eM Client (Toolbar) via the customize toolbar option along the top, when you click on the eg: Orders label it will then “only show the label Orders” and no longer Inbox label.

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I was beginning to realize I would be disappointed on the answer. When in outlook or Thunderbird this is not how it works so it is possible to make a email client work differently. Am I just alone in wanting it to work differently?