Moving eM Client

My old laptop just died, I was able to get the eM Client data off and copied to new laptop.  I’ve installed the software and it works offline but doesn’t have any licence entered so won’t refresh etc.  Windows isn’t working on old laptop so can’t see any licence info - please can you help me get up and working again - I am using the free single user version.

You can have the license key resent to you from the eM Client lost activation key web page.

However, the problem with a Free License is that it needs to be deactivated on the old computer before you can activate it on the new one.

So there are two options:

  1. Contact eM Client, and ask them to deactivate the Free License for you.

  2. Register an additional Free License. You will have to use a different email address as you can only have one license per address.

Hi Gary, thanks very much for your help, I’ll get my key and try contacting eM Client about deactivation.
Really appreciate your help.