Moving em client from one pc to another with folders

I have had to change computers and have opened an account on a new pc with the same email, but i am struggling to send import my emails and folders. How can I do this? What option do I choose when importing as i see the files are backup in .dat…your help would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi Marco, in order to restore your old settings from the previous instance of eM Client, just use the backup feature on the old computer if you still have access to it.
Go to File > Backup and a backup archive of your database will be created on your computer, move this backup to your new computer and from File > Restore, restore the backup.

Than you should be able to see the content just as if you’ve never switched computers.

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Hi, I have backup Em client onto an external but everytime i try to restore it says that the path cannot be found.  see the picture attached. this is really frustrating. Thanks a millon. 

Can you try to change the backup target directory in Tools > Settings.

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The path listed in your screenshot appears to be referencing a location on your local internal hard drive.  What’s the path to the external drive you mentioned in your post?


Hi. I am trying to backup the data from existing em client however the resultant backup file is only about 2 GB whereas the em client mail data in the appdata folder is about 18 gb. Does it mean that the backup option only downloads the headers instead of the entire messages?

Hi, can you restore from this backup without issues? We believe this might occur in case you had a lot of attachments, which are not included in the backup, but otherwise the backup backs up all your data from the database directory. If you have an email available for offline use, you should be able to access it after restoring from the backup.

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