Moving data (including email inbox subfolders) to new computer -- HELP!

Need to move all from one comp to new one. My laptop is on its last leg and I need a new comp. I love eM and have been using it for months now. I keep all my emails in subfolders I create in my inbox folder (I’m an attorney and need to keep this stuff). When I started using eM, I was able to import all my emails (including subfolders) to eM without a problem. Is there a data file I can copy so bring everything (including al my saved emails) to eM on my new comp, or do I need to export it all? I am concerned, because when I looked in the export menu, it advised that there would be one file per email! Does that mean that I would lose the way I organized this by subfolders? Also, how do you ensure that your data files are backed up? Thank you! Suzette

copy your database files located here: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Vista/Win7)
C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP)

It should help.

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George Wilson

Thank you!

This worked perfectly for me, and I just wanted to share how I used George’s advice (Thanks so much, George!) in a bit more detail. (This was from Win7 to Win7.)

-I installed eM Client on my new computer, but didn’t launch it upon completion of install; in other words, I unchecked the ‘Launch eM Client now’ box.
-Then I copied the entire eM Client folder from C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\ on my old computer to the same location on my new computer. That folder hadn’t been created yet, since I hadn’t started the program, so there was nothing to overwrite. (Tip: to get to the Roaming folder quickly in Win7, click the Windows Start button, then type %APPDATA% in the Search Programs and Files box. Roaming will appear in the results.)
-Then I started eM Client on my new computer and it looked exactly like it did on my old computer. Voilà !

How about XP to Win7

No problem - simply copy the original database from C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP) to new location in C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Win7).

So then just copy the entire eM Client folder in Applications Data right?


How about moving data-files to and external HDD in Windows 8?

it is possible, but strongly NOT recommended, it most likely will damage your database beyond repair point.
eM client’s database is designed to be fast and reliable but it requires it to be on system HDD, if you would disconnect external HDD while eM Client’s database would be in use then it will most likely broke immediately.


I am not sure if it is prudent but I created a second account (IMAP) and just dragged my emails from one folder to the next and it appears to have worked.

Hi Scott,

About what kind of ‘folders’ are you talking when you write “dragged my emails from one folder to the next and it appears to have worked”?

Are you talking about folders in eM Client or about folders in Windows Explorer?

I assume you’re talking about folders in eM Client…and yes, you can drag and drop e-mails from one e-mail folder to another e-mail folder without issues.

Correct eM Client, I basically created a duplicate account of my POP account with IMAP and just dragged all the emails from each folder to the IMAP and then deleted the POP one…worked great…thanks

I need some simpler instructions, sry my brain is fried
I am getting a new pc, have em client ( free version) on old one and 2 email accounts coming into the client. both email accounts have folders and sub folders.

do i copy the whole folder called EMCLIENT, or do I open this then copy everything?
Im a little stumped.
or should i just export everything to eml, save to disk then import? would that work and move all contacts folders etc.

pictures are good :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, best way how to move your data from one to other computer is to use File - backup… and File - Import…

Copy/paste of database folder is not supported way and will most likely cause broken database.


I used the file back up… where has it backed up to? cannot find it anywhere

you should see the target directory in Tools > Settings > Backup, and see the Taget directory field.

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Ok thankjs, figured it all out in the end and have succesfully moved to a new computer .

Glad it worked for you, if you have any more questions or issue, let us know.

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