Moving contact list

I bought a new computer. How do I move my contacts from my old one to my new one. Thanks for the help.

In the old computer:
Menu >> File >> Export >> Export contacts as .vcf files.
Click Next. If you have more than one account, specify which one you would like to export from.
Then select if you prefer all contacts exported in one .vcf file or if each contact should be exported into a separate file. Both methods or fine.

In the new, once eM Client is installed.
Menu >> File >> Import >> Files >> Contacts as vCard (.vcf)

The other method is to backup all your data (emails, contacts, settings, etc.) and restore it in the new computer.

On the new one, after the screen “import files from folder” the new screen says “select folder from which to import from”. There is nothing there. If I select “browse” only the emclient folder is shown. If I select that, it says that something has been downloaded but it doesn’t show up on the contact list and I cannot find it anywhere.

I forgot a step. Sorry. I assumed it was obvious.

  1. Export your contacts to a directory in your old PC (or preferably directly to a USB stick or an external hard disc).

  2. Then when importing these contacts on your new, point eMC to a directory where it can find the the exported .vcf contacts.