move to junkmail and add domain to blacklist

the function: “move to junkmail and add domain to blacklist” is very useful. However, if I have several computers, it would be great if the “blacklist” could be synchronized or at least exported and imported. so that you have the same information on the second computer. Likewise if you have to set up the computer again or buy a new computer. otherwise all work is lost …
did I miss this setting? or could you please program it?
Thanks in advance.


While you can’t sync them automatically between computers, you can export the Rules on one computer and import them to another. It’s all Rules, not just the Blacklist.

To do that go to Menu > File > Export > Export settings to xml. On the other computer it will be Menu > File > Import > eM Client Settings.

The easiest way when moving to a new computer is to backup eM Client on the old one, then restore it on the new. That will include all your settings and preferences, including the Blacklist Rule.