move to junk - NOT MY EMAIL ADDRESS

Spammers will often fake headers and one common thing they do is use the same from as the to address.  So if I mark it as junk then I end up marking all emails to myself as junk.  I do send myself emails from other email accounts but because of this often my own emails get set to junk.  The solution would be: 1. have a database saved in the client application of unblockable email addresses.  That way if I mark an email junk and they used my email address as the “from” then I won’t block myself.
2. Automatically warn or not block email addresses that have accounts in my EM Client software.  So if I mark a spam as junk it pops up and says something like “This will block your email address [email protected] is this okay [OK]   [Cancel]”

P.S.  I will upgrade as soon as it stops crashing so much.  I know that is just a matter of time of working out the bugs :slight_smile:

Hi Stan, unfortunately there’s no option how to protect yourselft from these types of emails unless the web spam filter detects the spam message, we’ll consider adding a safequard option that would help users to avoid this in future.

Thank you for understanding,

I know my reply is 4years later but I’ve recently had eM client set up on my pc.

I have exactly the same problem and so many of these spam emails. Has their been an update on how to remove these without deleting emails I’ve sent to myself?

If spammers are using the same From and To address, the solution is to create a Rule moving all email from [email protected] and to [email protected] to Junk.

If you need to send yourself an email, just don’t send it with the same From and To addresses. Sometimes that won’t work anyway.