Move to folder search

One of the best thing in Microsoft Outlook for Mac is the ability to do a free text search to find a specific folder to move your e-mail to. Very helpful when you have 1000+ folders.

Can this feature be added to emClient?

This is how I would like it to work to be as fast as possible:

  1. With the e-mail that you want to move to a folder selected, press a “shortcut” key combination or select from the menu “Move to folder…”
  2. Add a text box to the window that allows a free text input. Filter the folder list on folders that matches the entered text.
  3. Select a folder from the filtered folder list.
  4. Click on OK.

Yes, this is a common request. :slight_smile: Dylan proposed the same thing recently in his Quick Step idea.

Hi, here where we started asked this about 5 years ago :frowning:…

This would be a game changer and solve many requests that have been published  with regards to moving mail to folders)… This functionality would dramatically increase the productivity of users willing to sort their mails. At this stage, I’m still using other apps that allow this for for effeciency reasons.

So eM Client has no ability to search a folder?   if I wanted to find a specific email in my Inbox (or even in my entire mailbox) how would I do that?

This thread refers to searching for a folder name when choosing Move to Folder. It does not refer to searching for a message.

To search for a message, use the search box in the top right.

Clicking the down arrow of the search box gives a more advanced search interface.

Thanks Gary! 

A very important feature here. Are there plans to implement this?

If you right-click on a message and choose Move to folder, you get a pop-up with the tree view of all your folders. Just start typing the folder name and the matching folder will be highlighted.

That really doesn’t work… It jumps to the first folder matching the typed character… If you have 1000’s of folders it really makes no difference…

So then continue with the second character, and then the third, and so on. Unless you have 1000’s of folders beginning with the same 4 or 5 letters, it works just fine.

Not working for me, it only jumps to the first character. Also, since I have a LOT of sub-folders, then jumping to one place doesn’t really help me either… This function really need a filter to be useful…

If your folder begins with "crest . . . " then typing those 5 characters should take you to that folder regardless of how many folders you have. If you have a LOT of folders beginning with the same 4 or 5 characters, then maybe it is time to consider a better approach to folder naming.

This behavior I have described is available (and works) in the version 8 beta. Maybe download that from the Release History and see. Make a backup using Menu > File > Backup, so that you can revert to version 7 after testing.

OK, that explains why its not working. I am still on version 7…

Glad to see this feature coming up. I’ll wait for versino 8 then!

I recently installed eM Client and really liking it so far. I do however rely heavily on filing my emails by using the move to folder option in mail and typing some characters of the folder name where I want to move it to. I have a lot of sub folders and typing the first few characters of the folder name is not working due to this. Hoping this feature can be added too!

Is there an option to hit the enter instead of clicking the mouse in order to complete the filing with the folder? I always need to use the mouse even if I have only 1 matching folder…