Move to Folder not working after upgrade to version 7

Steps to create the problem:

  1. Use search to find messages and then highlight a number of messages
  2. Click on Move to Folder button in toolbar or right-click and select Move to Folder
  3. Choose a new Folder
    The messages get copied to the new folder but they do not get moved.  In other words, they stay in the Inbox.  What I have noticed is that after the Move to Folder, the messages belong to the Inbox Category as well as the Category for the new Folder.

I am using eM Client on my GMail account.  I am running version 7.0.26453.0 which at the time of writing this post was the most current.

This was not a problem prior to upgrading to version 7 a few weeks ago.

… Brad

Hello Brad,
the Gmail labels are treated differently in the new version, that’s why this issue has not been a problem in version 6.
Thank you for describing the issue in detailed steps, I managed to replicate the issue even on our newest version, so we’ll get it fixed in the upcoming updates.


Hello. When is the next release expected to generally available? I am having the same problem described by Brad. I am using eM Client version 7.0.27943.0. My e-mail server is Gmail.

I discovered a workaround to this problem.

If I select the e-mail message from the Inbox without first using the Search box, then the Move to Folder command works fine.