Move to Folder has changed

The latest version of eM Client (8.2.1237) changes the behavior of the “Move to Folder” dialog. That’s the dialog that appears when I hit the keyboard shortcut to move an email to a folder.

The change, which seems minor, is focus. Previously the focus was on the list of folders. I could hit enter to choose the selected folder. Or I could use arrows to navigate the list, or type the first letter of a folder name to jump there - and then hit enter to choose the folder.

Now the focus is on the filter box. I believe that’s a new feature to make it easier to find the folder you want to move the email to. Nice feature, but putting the focus there means extra keystrokes to perform the functionality I’m used to. One keystroke isn’t much, but when you do it thousands of times it adds up. Plus it’s a disruption to my muscle memory.

Can the initial focus of this dialog be changed back to the way it was? Or an option, perhaps to disable the filter box?