Move to folder automatically


I just want to ask if this feature is available or not in eM Client.

I want my mails to be segregated automatically.

I want my incoming mails to be moved automatically to folders I assigned to.

Example: If the email is coming from my friends then it will move automatically in my friends folder. If its coming from my work then it will go to my work folder… something like that.

If this feature is already available then please teach me how to do that.

If not, will it be available or is it useless?


Hi, you could use Rules for sorting out emails to different folders.
Just go to Tools > Rules, and setup rules for different accounts etc.

I hope this helps, thank you,

Nice, thanks.

That is exactly what I’m looking for. =)

No problem, I’m glad it works out for you, let us know if you have any other questions or issues with the application.

Thank you,