Move to eM Client from office365

Hi, I use eM Client for my 2 personal gmail accounts. Works really well. I also have an office365 account for a business that I am stopping.

Now I would like open a new account in my eM Client for my work emails. So questions:

  • Can I open a new account in eM Client and move my old emails from Office365 and still use Office365 for emails for a while? I dont want to stop using Office365 until all my old emails have been copied over as I dont want to loose any.
  • How to move all my old emails from Office365 to eM Client
  • Then how to assoiciate my work email address with this new account to then start receiving work emails in eM Client

Hope this makes sense??

Appreacite any help.


Hello Hank,

We’re glad to hear that you’re happy with eM Client. We’d just like to clear up that we aren’t an e-mail provider, we’re only a tool for managing your e-mails. You can set up your Office365 in eM Client, or a new one that you create. Is this something that you’re planning on doing?



I believe this may be a good solution, if I’m understanding you.

If you want to retain your email messages now in your office365 account folders (visible in emClient), I’d suggest you create a couple new folders in emClient.  Move all of the messages you wish to keep (from the folders that office365 brings) to the new folders.

Then I believe when you remove the office365 account, and it takes it’s folders away, you would still have the messages in the new folders.  Then add any new account you wish, and move the messages to new folders if you like.

As far as “associating your work email address with the new account”, when you add your ‘work email address’ (email account) to emClient, all of your incoming email will be in your Inbox, etc.  in emClient.

I hope this helps.


How do I move emails from O365 into emClient?

Many thanks

(by the way my response to Maurices reply, does not appear above?)