Move settings and signatures to a different computer

I have eMClient set up in my PC desktop with Gmail and IMAP. I’ve customized a lot of the settings over time. I want to set it up on my PC laptop with exactly the same settings and signatures as the desktop. I don’t need to transfer the messages as I’m using IMAP. Is the settings file export/import XML file the answer? Will this handle all settings and signatures?

Hello Rob, exporting settings to an XML file will only allow you to export your account settings including password, rules and application settings, however it doesn’t include your templates or signatures. In order to create a complete image of your current database I recommend doing a backup of your database using the built-in backup tool and moving your backup to your laptop where you can restore the database using this backup.

Hope this helps.

My windows 7 is no longer bootable, but I could mount the drive after installing windows on a new drive.  How can I move the signatures over?  I use them to send formed responses.


Hello Tony, unfortunately it’s not possible to move your signatures only, but if you have access to your old data, you can move the whole database folder into your local user/AppData/Roaming folder where you can find your eM Client database and load the original database that includes your signatures.