Move outbox to top

I need outbox at the top of the folders list. I am running two different email accounts which more than fills up the folders list on the left side. This puts the outbox way down on the list below the 2 mail accounts and to see it I must scroll way down or I will not know if mail is hung in the outbox.

I do not believe that any of the system folders can be relocated.
May I suggest a way to handle the folder pane clutter that I use. For each folder, right-click the folder and select “Show if Unread”.


I need outbox at the top of the folders list.

If you enabled the “Favourites” and enable “Show Local Folders” via “Menu / Settings / General” (Pc) or “eM Client / Preferences / General” (Mac), you can then “Right click on the Outbox” under Local folders at the bottom left of eM Client, and then select “Add to Favourites”. You will then see any emails if they get stuck in the Outbox at the top.


Thanks Al! That is an easy solution to my clutter issue!

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cyberzork, appreciate the suggestion for my issue!