Move messages to folder - Type search like other email clients

Hi there,

So far, I’ve been playing with eM Client for a day and I like it overall. I really appreciate having a decent onboard calendar. There are two things that are really missing, however, vs other clients such as Postbox and Thunderbird.

  1. Move to Folder - You have a hot key to take you to the move to folder dialog. This is great. Then it falls down badly. The dialog is just a list of folders that needs a mouse to navigate down and select the right folder . In most email clients there is a text box at the top. As you type the first few letters of the name of the folder, it immediately filters the list of available folders below based on the first few characters of the folder name (highlighting the first in the list). When you see your folder, you hit Enter and voila! Email is moved.

  2. Navigate to Folder - Exact same implementation as moving an email, but instead show the contents of the folder. Again, you need a hotkey like CTRL+N which is settable. When hot key is pressed, your folder dialog appears. User starts typing the name of the folder until it is shown and highlighted. Pressing Enter navigates to the folder and displays the contents as if you had clicked it in the tree on left.

Please add these features.

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Hello Jason,
in version 6 you can type the first letter of the folder to jump to the next folder with that letter at the beginning. Version 7 (which is in BETA) has this feature improved, where if you start typing the full name, it will jump to that folder. There is just no visual text box. The filtered list is something to consider though, as well as the navigation option, so we’ll see what the developers think when they go through the forum :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing your ideas on the forum.


Hi Olivia,

Is there any activity still taking place on this feature.  It really is a most useful thing for people who like to put mail into folder structures.

To be honest, the lack of this feature is stopping my Wife from buying an eM Client licence as she uses such a feature like this on her current Thunderbird client and I can’t get her to give it up!

I wonder how many other licence sales are lost because of this missing functionality?

Many thanks in advance.

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