Move Message Enhancement

I would like to see the “move message” capability enhanced.  When reading a message, clicking on the “move message” icon in the message toolbar logically brings up the “select folder” dialogue. However, if you have a lot of folders it requires potentially more clicks and scrolling to find your target folder.  This is adequate for an occasional one-time move but can get a bit arduous when you are doing a lot of filing.  This presents a similar exercise if you are dragging and dropping from the inbox and can be prone to mis-direction.

A convenience, ease-of-use addition would be to present the last 6 or so recently used folders as part of the “move message” dialogue so that with one click you could effectively select your target folder, i.e. when hoovering over icon, etc.  No matter how many folders you might have, the 80/20 rule most likely applies when storing messages.  I realize the last folder used if “pre-selected” but you don’t know that unless the folder itself is visible in the “move message” dialogue box. Presenting a “copy” option at the same time might be an option to consider as well.

For consistency, I also would like to see the “move message” icon in the toolbar while focused on/browsing in the inbox or other folders.  Or at least an option to include it in the toolbar.  Many times I do my filing as I peruse the inbox and having a consistent move/copy process along with “most recently used” target folders would greatly enhance that.  Right-clicking the message is okay but is somewhat cumbersome when trying to move multiple message coupled with the fact the process obviously is different than when you are reading a message.

Great product!

Respectfully submitted.

Hi David, I believe this feature has already been requested on this forum, we’re currently considering adding the feature into future releases.

Thank you,