Move message bug and feature request

Bug: I have “move folder” on my task bar. Next to it is a “v” indicating a dropdown that has the last 5 folders I moved mail to, e.g. “/Private”, “/clients”, … However, clicking on one of the items in the dropdown has the same effect as clicking on the “move folder” button. A dialog comes up with the last folder I moved a message to highlighted. If I want a different folder, I have to scroll around. For example, if the last message I moved was to the “Private” folder, then even if I click on “/clients” in the dropdown, the list of folders comes up with “private” highlighted.

Feature request: In outlook, they have a pretty good AI that guesses which folder you want to move the message to based on its contents. Doesn’t seem that hard to do.

It is a bug and will be fixed in a future release.

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Great. Thanks for the quick reply.

I just did notice that if I right on the message itself, and then “move to folder” from the right-click menu, it works correctly.

I hope you implement the AI intelligence the way outlook does. Outlook is usually accurate. I don’t think it is hard since I typically store similar messages in a folder.

Yes i can concur that “right clicking” move to recent folders works correctly, and it’s only the move to recent folders from the toolbar dropdown along the top that doesn’t work.

The Move to (recent folder) issue “via the dropdown along the toolbar at the top” has now been fixed in V9.2.1185 for Windows just released via the version history page.