Move from verizon EMail to AOL

Opened AOL account successfully, sent test message OK to server, but no return message. Error: Invalid user name or password.   These are the same ones that worked on the Send to the server, so how could they be invalid on the Receive??

Hello Don,
could you please copy the content of the Log tab next time this error pops up?
Click inside, press Ctrl+A to select all, CTrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste it here.

Alternatively, check if your AOL server settings are correct, the credentials could be rejected because you are connecting to an incorrect server -

Thanks much for responding.  I solved the problem – it was the passwords.  As you know, setting up an account requires entering PW in 3 places, and I couldn’t seem to get them in sync.   It would be helpful if apps had the option to view the actual PW as entered instead of *******!