move email from Exchange to IMAP: very long

When I move a message from an Exchange folder to an IMAP folder, randomly (but quite often), it takes more than 5 minutes, just for 1 message…
If I clic on Cancel button to abort the copy, it takes also long time to exit function.
As it can be more than 5 minutes (not tested to infinite…), sometimes I kill the application but have to support long check of IMAP database at restart, it is not possible to do often.

I selected eMClient for its support of IMAP but i’m less enjoyed from month to month. :frowning:

I confirm the situation with version 7.2.36465.0.
I have to kill the application and then support long database checking process at restart. Lots of time lost. :frowning:
It may be related to our IMAP server response time or to something else, I don’t know.

I have experienced the same thing even when moving IMAP messages from one account to another on the same server on the same closed test network. The connection is gigabit, so there is no bottleneck but sometimes it seems to take absolute ages. It even appears to have stalled although the progress bar keeps moving. Restarting eM Client sometimes helps and if you can do that without terminating the application, you will save on the database check time. I would be interested to know if you discover anything about your server R1M though I don’t experience the same issue doing the same process with another email client. I haven’t tested anything on this latest eM Client release, so don’t know if it is better or worse than before.

Not sure we will have time to investigate deeply but if we have a status, I’ll share it.
About the possibility to close properly the application, it is not possible, the thread with this “transfert in progress” popup keeps the focus and it is not possible to reach any closing command (Menu, red cross, close application on right clic…).