move em client to a new pc

I have followed instructions in various Posts/Solutions to move eM Client, including all of my linked emails but it doesn’t work. I copied the database to a USB and replaced the Folder in Appdata on the new PC.

Can someone give my step-by-step instructions please?

Many thanks.

I think maybe the directory is misplaced. The best way is to backup eM Client on the old PC using Menu > File > Backup, copy the zip file to the new PC, then restore using Menu > File > Restore.

You also want to deactivate the license on the old PC before activating in on the new one. That can be done in Menu > Help > License.

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your reply. Please note that I am not “technical” in these matters, forgive me if I don’t follow what you are saying.

I am currently using the Free version.

I have created the Backup but I cannot find a “zipped” folder.

I have followed C:\Users"me"\AppData\Roaming\ and saved the eM Client Folder as a Zip to my USB.

On my new PC, I have followed the Restore but the Zip is not showing when I open the USB.

I have copied the Zip into “Roaming”, unzipped it but it won’t completely open all Files as I need “permission” to complete the action.

Please advise.


If you go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup, you will see the location of the backup file. It is in \Documents\eM Client\ by default. Copy that zip file to your usb.

On the new computer, go to Menu > File > Restore. You will be prompted which file to use, so navigate to the usb for the file. Or copy the zip file from the backup (not one you made yourself) to the \Documents\eM Client\ folder, then start the Restore.

Thank you Gary, all sorted.