Move contact to distribution list

All contacts are stored via account. Within eM Client I can create a distribution list but can see no option to add/copy contact to that distribution list?


You should be able to add/copy contact by clicking the “add member” button in the top left, selecting “from address book” and checking the appropriate checkboxes next to contacts you want to add. Alternatively, you can paste all the contacts email addresses into the “Users” line and press enter. This will add all the contacts you have pasted to the distribution list. Hope that helps. 

Thanks David.
It would be helpful to be able to add a contact to a distribution list, by simply ‘right clicking’ and selecting add to…
This can’t be done from an email or from the contact within the contacts section. Instead I have to first find the list, then find the contact and add. perhaps something for a future release and certainly a basic feature of WLM.

Thank you for the feedback. We’re certianly still looking for ways to improve eM Client and distribution lists are something we have a couple of “todos” listed for. Look forward to improvements in future updates!