Mousepad Scrolling Too Fast

When I barely move my fingers on the mouse pad to scroll through messages, it begins to scroll through the messages so fast, I can see where I’m at.  I use Macrosoft Mail, Mac Mail and Outlook with no issues.  Any advise?

I have the same problem.  It’s almost unusable.

Scrolling is normal within the e-mail contents themselves, but the message list seems to scroll a page at a time.

Yes I have exactly the same problem on my ASUS laptop using the mouse pad. Using an external mouse does not cause this problem.

I have the same problem with a Asus laptop. In other programs everything scrolls normal. But in EM Client it scrolls too fast.

Still wanna use this program despite the scrolling issues because i love it.

Yes, it appears to be a problem. Did anyone open a ticket for this?

This problem has now been fixed and will be included in the next public release.