Mouse Wheel Does Not Work

I’m using a smooth scrolling mouse Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500, which gives less than one notch. The mouse wheel works on message preview pane, but does NOT work on the message list pane. Please fix this problem.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to simulate the issue, it’s working OK here. Please, check, that your mouse driver is working all right.

Did you use the same mouse with mine? My mouse driver has no problem. I think the problem is the response for a very small notch input. It seems some other users have the same problem.……

Does the problem persist if you have your mouse pointer located upon the part of window you want to scroll (in your issue message list pane) ?


I have the same problem. You have to push down hard on the wheel while scrolling.

as you have written the problem is that your mouse use “smooth” scrolling instead of “detent” (bumpy) scrolling. The issue and workarounds of the problem is nicely described at… . They recommend to install IntelliPoint 8.0 which will detect applications that are not familiar with partial scrolling.


I hope eM Client will support partial scrolling.

I installed IntelliPoint 8.0 on my laptop and it solved the problem.