HELP!! Microsoft mouse acts strange when eM Client minimized!  Mainly disappears for awhile, then intermittently reappears, with very funky font and shadow.  Not effected by browser being opened or closed.  We just updated to your latest 6x version, problem also existed in previous version.  It basically makes the computer unusable due to slow and jerky operations.  Once I am able to finally get non-minimized, everything seems to return to normal speeds and mouse operations again. Running XP Pro with latest updates.

Part#2: very similar behavior when clicking on email to read and that email is fully maximized!

Part#3: same issue if anything (tested with MS Word), such as browsers is maximized when eM Client running.

Hi Rod, sorry to see this, unfortunately this seems to be a system issue, Windows XP is currently an unsupported software and any current issues with the system related features can not be supported be eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,