Most of my emails for one account moved to junk folder

I have 2 email accounts in the eM Client. One which is a yahoo based account has no problem, but the other, a hotmail account, 8 emails out of 10 are moved to the Junk E-mail folder. My Blacklist rule only has 5 addresses listed, 2 are domain rules and the others are specific addresses. This problem began a couple of months ago.

I’ve tried both the “move to inbox and remove blacklisted email”, and the “move to inbox and remove the blacklisted domain” options to try to correct the problem, but neither caused any change in behavior.

I have the same email account on my iPhone and the emails are in the inbox on the phone. so the problem is not based in the hotmail account itself.

Thanks in advance

Do you have any other rules setup other than the 'Black list" rule?

Yes, I do. In the account that the problem is occurring I have 3 rules set up to move emails from specific sources to their own folders. Those rules are working as expected. I have 5 similar rules set up for the account that is not having the problem Those are also working as expected.

eM Client includes one default Spam rule that moves messages marked by SpamAssassin as spam to the Junk folder.

Do you have the default ‘SPAM’ rule in your list of rules?.