most emails lost after installing new laptop

Hi, my laptop crashed. I bought a new one en installed emclient again. Now most (99%) of my emails are gone, and also the folders I made. Is there a way to get everything back? Strange thing: some emails of 2011 and 2014 are there (in the folder ‘sent’). Also emails from 13/6/17 till 25/7/17 are there. But after 25/7/17 there’s nothing. And also before 13/6/17 everything is gone. I hope you can help me somehow?! 
Greetings, Lisa.

I think what has happened is that the emails and folders were saved as local folders, that means they are stored only on the laptop, and not synced with your email account. If you still have access to the old laptop, your best bet is to backup eM Client on that one and copy the zipped file across to the new one and do a restore.

Make sure you have not created any local folders on the new laptop and moved emails to them, before you begin a restore, as you will lose those also. If you have, export or copy them to your online folders first.