Most annoying feature in Em Client 7 beta

First, I must say that overall I love the app and there are a lot of great ideas here, but one annoying popup is killing me. Whenever there is an error, it pops up the errors/operations screen to tell you what went wrong. For some reason, it seems to have troubles moving email into my Junk folder on Rackspace so I have a popup permanently displayed. When I close it, it re-opens shortly thereafter. At this point, I usually just leave it there and either minimize it or put other windows on top of it.

Can you please add an option that will display a passive message at the bottom saying there are errors. Then the click event of this message would pop up the window? This way, you can still notify us of the issues, but not be quite so “in your face” about it.



Thanks for the praise. As for your problem, you can turn off the display of the operations window when you get an error in Tools>Settings>General and unchecking the “show window when an error occurs” under the “Operations” section.

You can then choose to display the Operations window at any time by clicking the “i” information symbol in the bottom left corner.
Hope that helps.


Ah. Thanks! I looked through settings and don’t know how I missed that.